When it came to engaging with their audiences on mobile, our client was struggling to translate their message to the small screen. And with the bulk of the brand’s organic search traffic coming from mobile users, this presented a key business risk that needed to be tackled.

We identified some clear opportunities for the client with its proposition - it was simply a case of making sure that the brand was capitalising on those opportunities, and making mobile work as hard as possible.

Mobile-friendly infrastructure

mobile shopping

We started by completely overhauling the brand’s technical infrastructure and digital presence, ensuring that it could translate perfectly for their growing mobile audiences. We needed to ensure that this site could not only serve the audiences that were already reaching the brand via mobile devices, but that it was capable of attracting new audiences through mobile organic search.

The result was a new responsive web presence that would allow the brand to clearly engage with its target audiences and convert traffic - reducing application abandonment and bounce rates.

Content optimisation

mobile content

When it comes to mobile, pages and pages of content simply doesn’t cut it. We needed a content proposition that was focused and optimised for the small screen.

We worked with the client to make their content much more suitable for mobile devices, whilst still retaining both the quality and quantity of content necessary to both engage audiences and ensure that the content was compliant with the respective regulations for advertising financial services products.

Along with creative content concepts to build authority, this content would support the brand’s search visibility as well as its on-site engagement.

Mobile-focused keyword targeting

google phone

Whilst the products may be the same across both desktop and mobile, the way in which users search for them is very different.

We undertook a thorough keyword analysis across both desktop and mobile, identifying key differences and nuances between the two channels, and optimised the brand’s keyword strategy to reflect the channel that was driving the core volume for those search terms.

For those search terms where mobile was the key channel, we addressed the problem by focusing efforts on shorter keyword strings, reflecting how users input text on mobile devices, and creating content focused on attracting that valuable traffic.

Outstanding traffic and visibility growth

Our changes supported a wider digital marketing strategy that saw online visibility and online traffic increase well ahead of expectations.

mobile graph

We were able to drive a 164% increase year-on-year traffic from organic search, with the majority of this being driven by a growth in mobile traffic.

Search visibility across all channels grew by 130%, with the brand achieving more than 20 top-two rankings across the brand’s most important keyword terms.

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