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Hello and welcome to Digital Minute, where we’re looking at how Facebook is looking to address one of the big complaints from advertisers.

With research suggesting that 60 per cent of clicks on Facebook mobile ads were by mistake, Facebook has announced plans to reduce the number of accidental clicks, and to make sure that advertisers aren’t paying for so-called “fat fingered” views.

Facebook will introduce a new policy on accidental clicks that will see ad placements changed to be more user-friendly. It also said that visitors that left a page after clicking on an ad within two seconds were almost always accidental clicks, and the new policy would mean that advertisers aren’t charged for those clicks.

This comes as advertisers remain frustrated with elements of Facebook’s reporting on ad campaigns, and the new policy will also look to provide clarity on so-called inflated click-through rates, to help advertisers understand the true value of their campaigns.

We’ve explained more about what this means over on our blog, where you can also find our free social media advertising guide.

Thanks for watching, I’m Phoebe Dixon, and that was your Digital Minute.

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