As part of BrightonSEO 2021, we’re teaming up with our friends at Zazzle Media to provide a free, self-guided training programme to help in-house marketers enhance and optimise the experience that they provide to their search users. Here’s what you’ll get from the programme, and why you should sign-up.

You’ll get insight into one of the big talking points in SEO in 2021

Google has been making no secret of its desire to improve the experience for search users and, in 2021, the search engine is making experience an even bigger part of the search results.

Updates around mobile accessibility and page speed have been with us for some time and whilst forthcoming updates around core web vitals, due in May 2021, don’t necessarily introduce anything fundamentally new to the SEO debate, they do put the issue of user experience very much at the forefront of the SEO agenda.

But whilst it is easy to look at the latest Google updates and focus on quite narrow, usually technically-orientated elements of page experience, what we do in this training programme is focus on the broader concept of user experience and, namely, what users expect from brands as they look to solve a problem or satisfy a need.

So we start by focusing on what those needs are, how they are realised and how the manifest into a user search – one that starts a journey that brands can very much be a part of.

What you will get therefore is an idea of the types of trigger points, or moments, that initiate a search journey, how you as an in-house marketer can understand them and then, using SEO fundamentals and the right content, can put your brand in the right place at the right time.

You’ll get guidance and advice on enhancing experience throughout the customer journey.

To do that, we focus on the broader customer journey. That means that you get a better idea of how key stages and processes interact with each other as the consumer satisfies their need for information – something that would be hard to achieve if we simply discussed more focused aspects of search experience with relatively little context.

Jack Nottidge will take you from understanding those initial search insights, and what triggers a user search journey, and explain how you can use content to deliver incredible experiences that really engage your audiences and give them the information, the ideas or the inspiration they need.

Then, we’ll explain how you can convert those audiences with expert conversion techniques, making the most of that traffic.

You’ll be able to prove the ROI of content marketing.

This course will deal with the ‘pointy end’ of the customer search journey, demonstrating how all of the different elements come together to guide the user through the funnel and towards conversion.

It means that you’ll be able to build content marketing strategies that have real commercial value, allowing you to demonstrate the role that content is playing in your interactions with consumers and helping to support your commercial objectives, be that sales, customer retention, lead generation or brand awareness.

In the section on brand content, Peter Adams will demonstrate how you can deliver incredible experience that inspire your audiences and encourage them to explore what your product has to offer. In the section on informational and functional content, Lauren Heaven will show how answering even relatively non-commercial search queries can help to build positive brand sentiment, as well as playing a role in informing consumer purchasing decisions.

If you’re ever asked about the ROI of your content campaigns, this course is for you.

You’ll learn how to put yourself in your customer’s shoes when it comes to conversion.

Conversion rate optimisation is often the ‘make or break’ element for many ecommerce platforms, yet so many brands overlook this key process. If you’re investing heavily in SEO and content to generate traffic, you need to make the most of it.

This course will focus on some of the nuances of conversion rate optimisation and, in particular, how in-house marketers can understand and address the anxieties that consumers have that could prevent them from making that final decision.

Will Garbutt will take you through the common anxieties that users have when it comes to clicking that confirmation button, whether it is to make a purchase, confirm a booking or to download a whitepaper, what you can do to alleviate those anxieties and guide your users through to conversion.

To learn this and more, sign-up to The In-House Marketer’s Guide to Maximising your User Search Experience, delivered in conjunction with BrightonSEO.

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