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Content Marketing

Content auditing – how maximising your current content can revolutionise your strategy

Your current content can play a pivotal role in your future strategy. Find out whether your content is working for you by performing a content audit.

Jan 24th 2022

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

Webinar: What does Google’s page experience update mean for content marketers?

Join Stickyeyes and The CMA on Wednesday 21st July as we discuss what impact Google's experience update will have on content marketers this summer, and beyond. Reserve your place now and either watch live or catch up on demand anytime.

Jul 1st 2021

by Lisa Wisniowski

Content Marketing

How long should our content be? It's all about perspective.

We hate to break it to you, there is no ideal content length. Except when there is, but even then, there isn’t really.

Jun 16th 2021

by Steve Clarkson

Content Marketing

What's in your blog?

From hub of all inspirational and engaging content to a dumping ground for everything from press releases to product updates, the business blog has lost its way in recent years. But it still can play a vital part in your content strategy.

Apr 7th 2021

by Jonathan Brown

Content Marketing

Five characteristics of high-quality content

High-ranking content isn’t always the highest quality content. However, browsing the top search engine results pages (SERPs) for anything from recipes for your favourite dish to a how-to guide for cleaning the patio will reveal a few things about the way such content is created and curated.

Mar 15th 2021

by Vincent Krasauskas

Content Marketing

Christmas campaigns 2020: The COVID approach

In a year like no other, just what are the narratives that are shaping the festive commercial messaging in 2020? 

Dec 16th 2020

by Hannah Scorfield

Content Marketing

Feedback is a gift: How and why writers should respond to constructive criticism

Writers shouldn't fear feedback - and why people shouldn't feel awkward about providing it honestly. Feedback is what makes us all better. 

Sep 8th 2020

by Steve Clarkson

Content Marketing

How to use content to ‘be there’ for your customers when they need you more than ever

The coronavirus pandemic has transformed the lives of millions of people in just a few short weeks. As they grapple with new challenges, new restrictions and new routines, what they want and need from brands has fundamentally changed. Stickyeyes Content Director Danny Blackburn explores the ways brands can reassess their content to make sure it’s fit for purpose in an uncertain new world.

Apr 7th 2020

by Danny Blackburn