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What 100 episodes of Digital Minute has taught us about video marketing

What producing 100 episodes of a video blog teaches you about what to do, and not do, when it comes to video marketing: We go behind the scenes of Digital Minute to share some of the lessons that could help you with your video marketing strategy.

Apr 16th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

How competitor analysis can and should influence your content marketing strategy

When you’re kicking off a new content strategy, it’s good to know what else is happening in the market. A competitor analysis is a great place to start, and it can significantly shape your approach.

Apr 9th 2018

by Jonathan Brown

Content Marketing

Taking a closer look at Google’s voice search result guidelines

Google has given some insight into how it will be assessing the suitability of an answer for a voice search query. But what are its army of “search quality raters” looking for, and what can we take from the new guidelines?

Jan 9th 2018

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

How to set killer KPIs for your digital content strategy

You've poured your heart, soul and probably a good deal of resource into your content marketing strategy, but just how are you sure that your efforts are paying off? Sophie Hazan looks at just how you should be measuring your return from content.

Dec 21st 2017

by Sophie Hazan

Content Marketing

Making sense of the hero, hub and hygiene content marketing model

You’ve probably read and heard a lot in content marketing about ‘heroes, hubs and hygiene’. But how do you actually make sense of all of it?

Oct 26th 2017

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

Taking a closer look at YouTube’s attempts to woo big brands

YouTube is on the charm offensive to brands, releasing a host of new ad features and tools that it hopes will win over (and win back) major advertisers.

Oct 4th 2017

by Michael Hewitt

Content Marketing

Why Facebook’s video ambitions are a big deal for brand advertisers

Facebook has been investing heavily in video content, believing that it holds the key to help advertisers get their message to hard-to-reach audiences. James Pierechod explains how.

Aug 8th 2017

by James Pierechod

Content Marketing

Getting it right with B2B and B2C email campaigns

B2B and B2C email marketing present their own list of challenges, and require their own unique approaches if you are to get the right results. Our Digital Consultant Emma Dixon shares her key tips.

Aug 1st 2017

by Emma Dixon