This year, 19 of our staff have braved the camera lens across 26 of our 1:11 episodes, aiming to cover the big developments in the world of digital.

Covering everything from #Mobilegeddon, the launch of Customer Match, Panda updates that weren’t actually Panda and the latest developments in social and paid ad technologies, we’ve discussed a huge range of topics in 2015.

Behind the scenes – Quick shoots, fast edits and no autocue!

Digital Minute is designed to be a bite-sized update of the key issues in digital, with further insight provided on our blog. The aim is to provide our audiences with a ‘quick hit’ of news to keep them up to date without demanding excessive amounts of their time, and it means that we can produce a substantial quantity of video without tying up resources.

Presenting opportunities are open to all, and the team at Stickyeyes is always volunteering to take part – although some, it has to be said, are more enthusiastic than others!


The presenter for that week is selected and handed their script on Friday, to learn over the weekend. And when we say they learn it, we mean it. There’s no autocue or teleprompter, no cue cards – nothing. We want to inject our personality into Digital Minute, and the best way to do that is to let the presenter express themselves – not to have them read from an autocue.

digitalmin2015 infographic

The rushes are sent off to the editing suite and, from there, they’re against the clock. The final edition has to be ready by close of business on Monday, ready for Tuesday’s launch. Of course, all of this activity fits in around client commitments, but we have a proud record of not missing an episode to date and we very much plan to keep it that way.

This week, Digital Minute is taking a well-deserved Christmas break but we will be returning in the New Year. Make sure that you don’t miss an episode by subscribing via the buttons below.

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