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Design & Development

Is gift wrapping the key to success in a ‘locked down’ Christmas?

As lockdown forces consumers to commence their festive shopping online, could gift-wrapping be the value-add that beats the lockdown?

Nov 16th 2020

by Michael Hewitt

Design & Development

Stickyeyes supports The Reader to keep people talking and reading together through COVID-19 lockdown

Stickyeyes supports the charity to deliver its shared reading experiences online throughout the lockdown.

May 14th 2020

by Michael Hewitt

Design & Development

Stickyeyes partners with NFL Gamepass to launch Social Draft

We partnered with the NFL to see if we could predict the outcome of the 2020 NFL Draft, using the power of social media.

Apr 23rd 2020

by Kevin Lawson

Design & Development

Stickyeyes work for LG gram recognised by Awwwards and CSS Design Awards

Our work with LG Electronics, to promote LG gram, the lightest 17-inch laptop in the world, has been recognised by Awwwards and CSS Awards for Best UI Design, Best UX Design and Best Innovation as well as mobile excellence.

Apr 4th 2020

by Lisa Wisniowski

Design & Development

Perfecting your user testing: How to get the result you need, rather than the one you want

User testing can have a huge influence on the success of your digital experiences, yet so many brands get it wrong. Matt Shields discusses the poor UX testing practices that could be telling you the wrong story.

Sep 27th 2019

by Matthew Shields

Design & Development

It's time to stop neglecting user testing

As user experience becomes a part of the Google alghorithm and as consumers expect more and more from their digital experiences, user testing is now more important than ever. Despite this, many brands are still neglecting this important step in the process - but why is that?

Aug 5th 2019

by Andy Duke

Design & Development

Rise of the Robots: How well can machines measure UX? Search Leeds 2019

Google claims that user experience is an important part of the search algorithm, but just how well can Google measure this? Can a search engine rely on machine learning, artificial intelligence and algorithms to determine what makes a good (and bad) user experience?

Aug 2nd 2019

by Andy Duke

Design & Development

The importance of the thumbnail in selling your content

It's a small window of creative that could just make or break the success of your content. Our video designer James Pierechod discusses why the thumbnail is such an important part of your video content strategy.

Jul 25th 2019

by James Pierechod