Google updates app indexing and supports brands in reaching mobile audiences

Google has changed the way in which it delivers content from a mobile application, allowing users to effectively ‘stream’ an app to access its content. It means that users can easily navigate between web and app content, opening up more opportunities for brands to have their content discovered – particularly app-centric and app-only services.

Dec 14th 2015

by Nadia Ali


Five steps you cannot miss when setting up your HTTPS website

Many brands are transferring their websites to HTTPS. However, many are making fundamental mistakes that are impacting their user experience, search ranking and their site security.

Nov 23rd 2015

by Jamie Shields


How to Manage a Social Media Crisis (Slideshare)

Why do brands make key mistakes when managing a social media crisis? Our latest whitepaper and supporting Slideshare explains how your brand can prevent, prepare, respond and recover.

Nov 9th 2015

by Jamie Shaw


Stickyeyes to run Abbey Dash in support of Yorkshire Air Ambulance

On November 15th 11 of our employees will be hitting the streets of Leeds to take part in the 30th anniversary of the Abbey Dash in support of Yorkshire Air Ambulance.

Nov 6th 2015

by Jamie Shaw


Why are major bingo brands losing ground to lower authority domains?

Major bingo operators have lost as much as 56% of their organic non-brand traffic in the last 12 months, as lower-authority domains have taken search visibility with stronger propositions and mobile-friendly websites.

Oct 16th 2015

by William Hoyle


So you think you know your customers?

Many organisations rely on audience personas as a base for their content strategy, but do they actually give you the full picture about your target markets, where they are and how they consume content?

Oct 8th 2015

by Phil McGuin


The Digital Guardian: What it is and why your brand needs them.

As the pace of change in the digital world outpaces that of large organisations, the role of the Digital Guardian has become more important than ever. However, the chances are that your organisation doesn’t yet have one.

Sep 9th 2015

by Mike McDougall


Sites with app interstitials will lose mobile friendly tag

Websites that serve interstitial ads to promote a mobile application will be stripped of their mobile friendly tag from November, Google has confirmed.

Sep 8th 2015

by Andy Duke