Delivering downloads from App Store optimisation

App Store Optimisation or ASO for short is the latest frontier in digital marketing. App ecosystems such the iOS App Store and Google Play have revolutionise the way brands and customers interact with one another, creating a disruptive new way of content discovery and delivering communication.

But with billions of apps and millions of daily downloads the goal of ASO strategy has meant brands need to become smarter and set clear goals to put your in front of the target audience, increase downloads and maximise user engagement and retention.

An optimised App and clear defined objectives builds are our core foundations for successful app marketing.

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Our approach to App Store optimisation

Since the launch of the iOS App Store, Google Play & Amazon, brands have since needed a new channel to communicate and deliver content directly to their customers.

At Stickyeyes we have opened up a new unified digital strategy, embracing the app optimisation and SEO to deliver a fully integrated approach to app strategy.

That’s why we developed a core team to deliver the best in app optimisation whether you’re serving a small core audience or introducing a global branded app, we have the skills and technology to develop, optimise and advertise your app to your audience.

We believe that a great app store optimisations comes from experience, continuous testing and using insight to adapt to the changing app environment.

Experts in App strategy and ASO

Stickyeyes is one of the largest independent digital agencies in the UK with an ever expanding client base with some of the largest global brands trusting us with their digital strategy which come to expect great results from their app optimisation service.