Sophie Hazan: Stickyeyes Content Team Manager

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and punctuation mishaps don’t stand a chance against Sophie. As the Content Team Manager, she ensures we deliver the best content possible to our clients. Need an article delivering in Japanese or a Scandinavian influencer locating? No problem. Scale and complexity is exactly what she’s used to handling within the Content team. Planning and preparation is everything in Sophie’s world and the key to her success. Lending inspiration from Abraham Lincoln, if she had nine hours to chop down a tree, she’d spend the first six sharpening her axe. Sophie enjoyed a decade-long stint as a newspaper journalist before joining the Stickyeyes ranks in 2014, scooping a number of journalism accolades along the way. Between conjuring up content calendars and editing copy, Sophie believes in the three Fs – family, food and fitness.

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