Creating the right first impression with graphic design

A few years ago Google conducted a study to see how long people took to form their first impression of your website. They found that most visitors took less than 50 milliseconds – the key factors being low visual complexity (simple, uncluttered layouts) and prototypicality (how closely the design met their expectations for that category or type of website).

Another study by Newcastle University showed that whether people trusted and stayed on a site depended up to 94% on layout, typography and colour scheme. Bad design breeds distrust and makes customers go elsewhere.

That’s why it’s so important your design creates the right impression.

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Web-focused graphic design services

Stickyeyes’ design and development team makes sure your website design is fit for purpose by defining your requirements through analytics and testing. These are used to develop a conversion rate optimised user journey which can deliver more enquiries, sales and sign-ups.

Only then do our graphic designers look at how it can be tailored visually to your brand and your target audience. By ensuring every design is built on a sound, data-driven foundation, and responsive for easy access on all devices, we help ensure your website and content achieve your commercial goals.

More than just a graphic design agency

Stickyeyes has provided graphic design services for international brands including Hertz, Ladbrokes and Staples.

They trust us to produce inspiring, customer-focused designs that not only appeal to and engage their audience, but are also technically optimised to improve their search results and mobile presence. From brand showcase to shopping basket to social app, we ensure every design looks as good on your bottom line as it does on screen.

Like to see more? Take a look at these case studies and find out what we can do for your business.