SEO PPC tool

By developing tools for Adwords we are now able to implement SEO PPC integration.

We have developed a suite of PPC SEO integration tools to make the most of your PPC and SEO strategy. When your organic rankings improve you have two options, firstly do you pull back PPC bids, or even switch off for these terms to deliver cost savings. Or do you maintain or push PPC to drive overall increased traffic on that term?

Whichever your preference in approach, Stickyeyes are able to be proactive and react automatically in real time. This is something that not only third party tools are not able to deliver but also our competitors. Because we managing SEO and PPC in-house, in fact in the same building, we are in a great place to have a consistent and integrated search strategy.

Use your earned data to impact PPC

Whilst your rankings and organic traffic is improving, we are often asked how we integrate SEO and PPC. One of the simplest ways of doing this is turning to Google Analytics to understand what customers are delivering the performance.

In turn this opens up the opportunity to build remarketing lists. For example, do you exclude customers who have spent less than 5 seconds on your site from activity but target those who have spent more than 3 minutes browsing your website?

Core part of SEO PPC integration is utilising all the earned data to make the most of all digital marketing efforts. Whilst the above is one example of using earned data, the options are endless which we will select the strongest audiences for PPC strategy.

Pay Per Click specialists

From large recognisable brands through to new start up brands, we have developed trust through delivering stellar results.

Our expertise is not limited by industry, we have experts in all magnitudes of sectors, not just for the UK but also Europe, North and South America, and Asia.

Learn more and see how we have delivered exceptional performance and return on spend through our case studies and intelligence reports.