Every Click Counts

for Virgin Media Business

A long term campaign that delivered immediate results.


The Challenge

Virgin Media Business engaged Stickyeyes to improve online conversion rates for its B2B operations. As a brand, Virgin Media was driving traffic but was failing to convert this traffic into revenue.

We were engaged to identify both short and long term fixes to this challenge, initially addressing ‘quick fix’ solutions as well as identifying longer-term opportunities to enhance conversion rates. This would include considerations for a new website design.

The client was keen to establish where they were losing leads within their conversion funnels, and understand how they could better arrange their navigation elements and information architecture to maximise conversions. As a content heavy website, a key element of this included analysis of the role of specific pages within the conversion process.

The Solution

We performed a user experience and conversion optimisation review of the website, which incorporated both a quantitative and qualitative analysis of their techniques and the techniques adopted by their competitors.

We proposed improvements to site functionality, content, colouration, information architecture and web page elements.

In order to understand the typical Virgin Media customer journey to conversion, we performed a review of the web analytics set-up, creating bespoke customer goals, identifying funnel leak points and measuring the impact of specific pages and individual page elements, including forms and contact points.

Using this insight, we supported Virgin Media in the design and build of specific areas of the website that would drive growth in conversions. We were able to supply Virgin Media with a comprehensive and detailed set of prioritised recommendations in order to improve conversion rate and user experience.

The Results

Virgin Media Business launched a new version of their website and implemented many of Stickyeyes’ conversion optimisation recommendations. The brand experienced an uplift in site-wide conversion rate from 13% to 17% across multiple goals – an increase of 3,000 goal completions per month.

For its two primary conversions points, arrange a call back and get a quote, Stickyeyes’ recommendations helped to increase the click through rate by 122% and 35% respectively, and increase the conversion rate by 25% and 40% respectively. Key recommendations for this included colouration, messaging, directional cues and form usability.

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