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Helping online influencers to rediscover their passions.


The Challenge

Hilton Worldwide came to us with a clear demand; to reach out to key online influencers in the UK and Ireland to raise awareness of the Hilton brand.

This would be the first time that the Hilton brand would attempt to connect with key bloggers and online influencers, but expectations were high. Not only did Hilton want to increase their online exposure and increase brand awareness, they also wanted to create a new breed of brand advocates who could speak with authority to large and highly engaged audiences.

The campaign would also be a key contributor to Hilton’s wider SEO campaign, with a focus on creating unique, relevant content, social shares and quality link referrals.

The Solution

Finding relevant and influential bloggers was crucial to the success of this campaign. By creating individual ways in which key influencers could connect with Hilton, we were able to tell some unique stories and share some amazing experiences.

The #RediscoverHilton campaign focused on helping influential bloggers rediscover an aspect of life that was important to them and to their readers, with the stories told through their blogs to an audience of millions.
Using our unique blogger outreach network, Best British Bloggers, and our innate knowledge of each and every blogger, we were able to connect with prestigious fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers who could tell their, and Hilton’s story.

Whether it was taking people on an action-packed city break or giving someone a chance to unwind on a spa weekend, #RediscoverHilton would demonstrate the diversity of Hilton’s hotel breaks and bring the Hilton brand to a completely new audience.

The Results

With more than 2.8million people being reached by the #RediscoverHilton campaign, we engaged an audience that was 367% larger than our original KPI.

With a 125% uplift in brand citations across social media and 6,000 video views, the campaign was able to connect with a wide reaching and highly engaged online audience.

From an SEO perspective, the campaign delivered a staggering return. More than £27,500 of links were generated from 33 third party blogs, with Hilton also benefitting from 30 new brand ambassadors.

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