Slots market still volatile, as brands achieve visibility despite poor content scores

With online slots being more of the most volatile search markets in existence, we take a snapshop of the current landscape and see who’s winning the search battle.

Oct 10th 2016

by Phil McGuin


Google introduces Penguin to core algorithm

Google has today confirmed that its ‘Penguin’ ranking signal is now a part of its core algorithm – and will update in real-time.

Sep 23rd 2016

by Steve Chambers


Sustainable strategy key to dominating volatile casino search market

Explore our latest insight on the highly competitive online casino market. Has there been any significant changes in the winners and losers in the last 6 months?

Sep 10th 2016

by William Hoyle


Stickyeyes & Zazzle Media: Part of the IPG Mediabrands Group

Stickyeyes Group is now part of IPG Mediabrands – one of the world’s largest agency groups. Here’s why we’ve joined forces, and what it means for all involved.

Sep 8th 2016

by Michael Hewitt


Google ditches the mobile friendly tag, but targets sites with interstitial ads

The mobile friendly tag is on the way out, but Google looks set to start penalising sites for intrusive interstitial ads.

Aug 25th 2016

by Michael Hewitt


An Integrated Approach – Getting your agencies to work together

How do you ensure that you are getting the most out of each and every agency that you are working with and, more importantly, get them to work together in perfect harmony? Here are five key tips to ensure that all of your agencies are working for you.

Aug 24th 2016

by Andrew Emery


Five ways to make sure your agency follows through with KPIs

You've selected your agency, you've issued your brief and you've set your KPIs - but are you making sure that your agency is hitting them, and that your KPIs are actually supporting your digital strategy.

Aug 22nd 2016

by Scott Malthouse


Leading bingo brands failing to capitalise on social opportunity

While bingo brands in the UK are finding success on social media in terms of amassing volume, engagement remains something they’re having some trouble with.

Aug 10th 2016

by Phil McGuin