What is Social Media?

Speaking with your audience outside traditional marketing channels needs an extra level of engagement, relatability and understanding of your market. Social media users are savvy and ahead of the curve. Your brand needs to be able to keep up and meet the demand of your audience in the fast-paced, continuously evolving social landscape.

Today, the conversation never ends. As digital media continues to develop, so does the world of social. Social media allows you to connect with your customers and audience 24 hours a day, complementing and developing your existing online strategy.

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A switch-on knowledge of one of the fastest developing mediums

Social media exists globally, but each territory varies with their social presence. With agencies beginning to specialise in social media, the message of the brand often gets lost in ‘best practice’. The social teams at Stickyeyes want to act as an extension of your brand, not a separate entity. The online social presence of your brand needs to contribute to your marketing strategy and build on that.

Each member of our social team has an active online social presence, allowing them to be constantly up-to-date with the ever-changing spectrum of social media.

Instead of forcing an online conversation, we instead work on social media marketing that works for your company. The most important element of how to develop a social media strategy is making sure that it’s right for your brand, not necessarily right for the stereotypical social user.

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In tune with your audience

Each social audience is completely different, which is where our award-winning expertise can help. Whether consultancy or a fully managed service, we’ll work together with your team to make sure the audience and the brand are perfectly in tune.

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