Our link analysis tool USP

At face value our backlink audit tool (aka Aud.it) may seem like any other piece of link auditing software. Ultimately, it analyses a site’s entire backlink profile, link-by-link, identifying the highest risk links that a site owner should remove or disavow. However, we’re typically unimpressed with the accuracy levels of many similar tools, so we built one that takes the analysis to another level.

Unlike publicly available tools we utilise mass amounts of 3rd party data to create an enhanced risk scoring methodology and process which aligns closer with Google’s modern backlink analysis requirements and link assessment techniques. Using such a large set of data to create a cumulative risk score, not simply relying on factors associated with the link, allows us to make more educated decisions around each link’s and site’s quality.

Other link auditing features

Since Google launched it Penguin update we’ve supported thousands of sites in link auditing, link removal and disavowing links. This has resulted in growing a fantastic data set of trusted sites, sites which are likely blacklisted (i.e. networks) and sites which we’ve commonly disavowed for overtly selling links. All of this data is plugged in to our tool’s scoring system to help it better understand how it should be scoring a site.

We’ve also plugged in the ability to identify cross-over between you and your competitors’ profiles to where your profile is being replicated, which may well have an adverse impact on your own rankings.

Supporting your link analysis and removal

In a nutshell, the larger your brand is then, typically, the larger your backlink profile. Our cloud based services gives us the ability to not only increase scale but also analyse quicker to get clients the information they need. We have the ability to assess the largest of link profiles on the web where publicly available tools either don’t have capabilities or would be extremely more expensive.

Most importantly, our gigantic dataset means we’re account for more factors and therefore more accurately categorising backlinks. This results in a quicker and high than average successful penalty removals and significantly reduced loss of authority through incorrect link removals.


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