Keyword identification

While it might sound like traditional approach to finding target terms with the highest volume, this is far from your basic keyword research tool. We pride ourselves on making our clients a return on their investment in any digital channel, so what could be better than stating exactly how quickly we can do that.

The tool analyses a competitive keyword set and, through the use of multiple data sources, benchmarks current performance, performance expectations and identifies the keywords that will make the biggest and quickest impacts. This data is key in supporting digital marketing managers in creating that C-level business case for SEO by showcasing the expected impact, coupled with the month-on-month return on investment.

Keyword analysis output

We review every potential keyword individually and complement this with data from our other in-house systems to understand each keyword’s competitive landscape. This include the current ranking position, content relevancy scores and authority of the sites ranking on page 1, and Google Adwords competitive data. In addition, the tool also calculates an expected ranking improvement projection, estimated organic traffic forecast and, if the data is available, a revenue forecast.

We then process this data through a bespoke algorithm to understand how easy it would be to move a keyword and categorise each keyword to understand the immediate target focus, be it quick-wins, short-term, medium-term or long-term focus, even which terms you’d be best simply trying to maintain.

A quick impact

Through using our keyword identification processes alongside your SEO strategy we know how to get the quickest traction and start generating a return at the earliest opportunity.


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